When Brendan Leonard moved to the West at age 23, he was a mess. He had a tenuous grip on sobriety, only six months after his last drink had landed him in yet another jail cell. It was the final mistake in a long list that included multiple arrests, wrecked cars, broken bones, fistfights, and ruined relationships. In Montana, he took his first steps into the Rocky Mountains, unwittingly beginning a decade-long obsession with climbing and a journey that would take him all over the West and Europe. Written with unflinching honesty and vulnerability, Sixty Meters to Anywhere is the memoir of a barstool storyteller who left the bar and found adventure, redemption, and a life that almost never happened.


Reviews of Sixty Meters to Anywhere:

“a beautiful, moving tale. … heartfelt, and brutally honest.”
—Eric Hanson, National Geographic Adventure

“Unassuming, and completely affecting.”
—Jon Foro, Book Review

“Sixty Meters to Anywhere is a brutally honest book. … It is a fantastic piece of self reflection.”
—Jaimy Cary, The Durango Herald

“A searingly original testament to the transcendent power of wild spaces, and the redemptive radiance of the American West.”
—Kevin Fedarko, author of The Emerald Mile

“Nothing is off limits for Leonard in this shocking memoir about recovery from addiction and redemption in the mountains.”
—Grayson Schaffer, senior editor, Outside

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